Texinov Textile Lumineux Phototherapie Rouge

Luminous textile focus: a promising device for the treatment of actinic keratosis

MDB Texinov® offers an innovative light-emitting device, allowing the targeted treatment of actinic keratosis by photodynamic therapy. This device is the result of the European research project Phos Istos (collaborative project supported by the European Union, FP7 CIP-ICT-PSP 2013.3.5).

FLUXMEDICARE® solution is promising, reliable, affordable and comfortable for the patient. It was developed by MDB Texinov®, including INSERM Lille (U 1189), Lille University Hospital and KLINIKUM VEST Recklinghausen.

MDB Texinov® has used its perfect knowledge of warp-knitted textile technology to develop a light-emitting textile whose innovation lies in the excellent homogeneity of light emission and the high conformability, in comparison with the conventional phototherapy technologies. The luminous textile also opens up opportunities for the future to study and treat other skin diseases such as Paget’s disease or other non-dermatological conditions such as infantile jaundice.

The FLUXMEDICARE® device is currently in the process of CE marking to allow for the next market launch.

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