Texinov Textile Lumineux Phototherapie Rouge


Phototherapy is a medical process which facilitates treatment by light of diseases such as icterus (jaundice) of the newborn or actinic keratosis (pre-cancer of the skin) or the acceleration of healing, tissue repair, treatment of dermatological pathologies (psoriasis, acne, etc.).

MDB Texinov® works closely with luminous medical device specialists in order to provide the smart textile solution.  Our patented fibre-optic based textile meets with their expectations.

In terms of pathologies the device is supplied by a luminous source (LED, Laser, OLED, etc.) in a suitable colour (blue, red, etc.). Our technology offers the benefit of having a controlled irradiance and homogeneity, whilst keeping the conformability/flexibility of a textile.

Involvement in your products from the upstream phase enables MDB Texinov® to offer complete customised solutions (source/textile) adapted to comply with your specifications.

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