Publications / Patents

In the context of the European SILICOTEX project, MDB Texinov® and its partners were the winners of the Textile Innovation prize “new materials category: silicone dressings”, Frankfurt, 2013.

Logo Techtextil Innovation Prize 2013MDB Texinov® was distinguished by INPI – National Industrial Property Institute: Prize of “Rhône-Alpes Innovation Trophy”, Lyon 2009.

Some publications:

  • “Flexible Material for medical implants” IFAI Advanced Textile Congress, Brussels, 2009
  • “Silicon based warp knitted textile for wound dressings and composites” Man Made Fibre Congress, Dornbirn 2012
  • “Crops Protection: 100% Biobased Knitted Insect Proof Nets”, European Symposium, Ghent, 2012
  • “Effect of branching on rheological and thermal properties of Poly(butylene succinate): application to melt-spinning”- JEPO41
  • “Innovative Textile for wound dressing and composite” Advanced Symposium, Frankfurt, 2013
  • “Textile for use in agriculture: biobased textile” Flagship Conference- The European Technology Platform Euratex, Bruxelles, 2013
  • “Compararison between the mechanical behaviour of the human healthy AA and commercial prosthesis under various mechanical loading”, Computer Method in Biomechanic and Biomedical Engineering, 315, 2013
  • “Synthesis of Branched Poly(butylene succinate): structure properties relationship” IFS, 2014, Tokyo
  • Biobased Textiles and Plastics, Brussels, 2015
  • Solution viscosity – molar mass relationships for poly(butylene succinate) and discussion on molar mass Analysis, eXPRESS Polymer Letters Vol.9, No. 5, (2015) 424-343
  • “Synthesis of Branched Poly(butylene succinate) : structure properties relationship” Dornbirn MFC, 2015
  • “Synthesis of Branched Poly(butylene succinate) : structure properties relationship”, Chinese Journal of polymer science, 2016, 34, 873-888
  • “Innovative Medical device: light emitting textile for dermatologic treatment”; PDT Congress 2016, Nancy
  • “Decontaminant chemically active textiles”. Biofuture 384, March 2017, 50-51
  • “Smart technical textiles for decontamination of chemical warfare agents”; The 2nd International Conference CBRNE, Lyon 2017
  • “Innovative Medical Device: light emitting textile for dermatologic treatment”; European Polymer Federation, Lyon 2017


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