Materials expertise

The thorough knowledge of materials used in textile manufacturing is a real challenge in that the impacts may be considerable in their use within permanent or temporary cutaneous or implantable medical devices.

We can offer you 3 services:

  • The choice of qualified raw materials suppliers
  • Support in the choice of the material best suited to your needs
  • Manufacturing of thread by melt spinning in accordance with your specifications

This expertise in materials of our team of doctors and specialists makes it possible to develop threads which conform to your specifications. These materials originate from different families: polyesters, PA, PP, PEHD etc.

MDB Texinov® regularly invests in new projects on innovative materials in order to provide the most appropriate response to the requirements of the medical sector.


In the medical device sector, quality and reproducibility are of major concern.

In an endeavour to constantly improve its medical textiles and services, MDB Texinov® rigorously monitors the effectiveness of its manufacturing processes and quality management procedures for optimal implementation of its activity (internal tests and controls, certification audits).

We have an internal laboratory (CNTP) for several controls:

  • Uniaxial tensile stress
  • Biaxial tensile stress
  • Geometry by microscopy
  • Measurement of the fat content by soxlhet
  • Transition temperatures of materials by DSC
  • Other classic tests (thickness, weight,etc.)

The quality guidelines introduced by MDB Texinov® are a continuous improvement procedure.


 In 2019 MDB Texinov® obtained the ISO 13485:2016 certification for textiles intended for medical devices.

  • From our design process … to our different stages of production : spinning/knitting/cleaning/assembly/ ISO7 room

These certifications attest to the implementation of regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and associated services (customer requirements, regulations in force, product traceability).

Projets & Innovations

MDB Texinov® invests 10% of its turnover in R&D.

The team designs medical textiles for customers and for innovation projects:

  • 15 engineers and technicians dedicated to the design of the product as well as to research and development actions.
  •  R&D Project managers of various scientific fields (textile science, polymer materials, composites, electronics, optical system).

Currently, MDB Texinov® is involved in several “protection and health” collaborative projects with a strong potential for innovation: protection against chemical weapons, resorbable or non-resorbable devices, luminous textiles etc., whilst benefiting from the support of the European and French public authorities.

MDB Texinov® partners include : i-Care , INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research), CHU Lille, Clinique Kvest, IFTH, DGA (General Directorate of Administrative Police (health)BPI, Communauté européenne.



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